WVFS has various positions and departments, each playing a significant role in the overall operation of the station.  The following provides a general description of each department.

General Manager

Oversees and manages all facets of daily operation, ensures FCC compliance, handles all equipment and facility maintenance and security, acts as advisor, liaison, historian, operations director, and assistant chief operator; general supervision and mentoring of all department heads and station staff; works closely with Program Director on budget, daily operations, and leadership.  420 D; 644-9692

Faculty Advisor

Responsible for acting as instructor of record for the School of Communication and advisor to all students enrolled in RTV 3941r and RTV 3926r, and completing internships and DIS work at the station.  420 D; 644-9692

Program Director

Acts as student leader of the station, works with Station Manager to fulfill all duties required to ensure FCC compliance, maintains staff management and policy adherence, directs programming suggestions and supervises on air promotions and remote broadcasts; serves as Chief Announcer, manages all aspects of on air personnel, responsible for ensuring announcing duties are fulfilled and 24/7 broadcast maintained.  420 G; 644-3872


Intercepts, selects, edits, labels, and distributes all music accordingly, while creating play lists, acting as liaison with outside affiliates, managing regular and specialty show programming, and reporting charts to national entities.  420 C; 644-1879

If you would like to submit music to WVFS for airplay consideration (compact disc and vinyl formats preferred, but digital recordings also accepted), please send materials to:

c/o Music Director
420 Diffenbaugh Building
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-1550

Engineer/Chief Operator

Responsible for all equipment installations, maintenance, and repair; designated as Chief Operator by the Florida State University Board of Trustees in compliance with FCC Rules and Regulations.  420 E; 644-1837

Systems Administration

Maintains the station’s computer network, including equipment, security, installation, archiving, website, etc.  420 R

Recording Studio Manager/Sound Engineer

Responsible for operation of recording studio—scheduling, organizing, managing, directing, and engineering all in studio performances/recordings; responsible for all pre and post production needs; responsible for equipment, inventory, maintenance, and repair.  420 A/B


Solicits, creates, and maintains all written announcements in the form of promotions and public service announcements for on air broadcast.  420 Q; 644-3872


Serves as liaison to the local business community, soliciting, securing, and maintaining monetary support (in the form of underwriting); writes all scripts per FCC guidelines.  420 Q; 644-3872


Fulfills all of the recording needs of each department, while creating prerecorded legal IDs, public service and promotional announcements, stingers, and other material.  420 K

Public Relations and Promotions

Responsible for creating all station graphics—ads, merchandise, fliers, program guides, etc., maintaining all press relations, managing all station social media, arranging/planning all fund-raising events, benefits, and station remotes; responsible for soliciting, scheduling, and delivering all promotional giveaways, and for securing all promotional gear; serves as the public face of the station.  420 S; 644-3871


Investigates and presents pertinent news and information in a timely, bipartisan manner; performs all reporting, interviewing, and anchoring responsibilities for M-F news updates; responsible for production of special reports and all facets of Vox Populi, the station’s monthly news magazine.  420 T/H; 644-9669


Reports on all pertinent sporting events and ensures fair coverage of a diverse array of sports in M-F sports updates; all sports anchoring, interviewing, and talk show responsibilities, including managing all aspects of the station’s weekly call in sports show, Tomahawk Talk.  420 U/H; 644-9669