Dr. Mona Behl (2006-2012)

Who says scientists are boring people?  A die-hard Pink Floyd fan, Mona started working in “the best radio station on the whole planet” in 2006, while pursuing her PhD in the Department of Oceanography.  She served as a news anchor and then as a DJ, ultimately co-hosting Club Convergence with Sean Michaels, and hosting the […]

Ryan Syrkus (2009-2013)

While with WVFS, Ryan served as Sports Director and DJ, and in Music, Production, PR and News. “I’ve always had an interest in media and public relations through athletics and it was through WVFS that I was able to get my foot in the door.  Working up through the sports department, I was able to […]

Brett W. Thompson (2003-2005)

When at WVFS, Brett served in Production, as a DJ, and co-hosted Club Convergence with Sean Michaels. It was at WVFS that Brett learned from Johnny P and Stephen Schor how to use Vegas to edit audio, which he’s used ever since in his animated films. Currently:  fluidtoons.com

Jamie Madden/T. Berry Shuffle (1999-2010)

While with WVFS, Jamie hosted Sonic Safari, Sunday Evening Jazz, Sunday Morning Blues, and worked in Music Department.  Jamie’s work was recognized by New York Festivals International Radio Programming Awards with a Sonic Safari Music Programming Bronze Medal!  Jamie now lives (and continues his musical journey) in Austin, Texas. Currently:  www.facebook.com/mojomenagerie. http://www.mixcloud.com/tberryshuffle/

Jesse Seay (1993-1996)

While with WVFS, Jesse served as News Anchor/Reporter, DJ, and News Director. Jesse holds an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MA in Media & Cultural Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill. Her interest in field recordings led to the creation of the on-line archive, Favorite Chicago Sounds, in 2006. Jesse […]

Matt Hardwick, aka ‘the Duke’ (1989-1994)

News, Sports Director, Tomahawk Talk, Lady Seminoles Basketball Play-by-Play, DJ “Wish I could have made “college DJ” into a career.  V89 was the highlight of my Florida State days without question.  It was truly a life altering experience…you could be there alone doing an overnight, or you could be “participating” at the station meeting, even […]

Mike Rittberg (1987-1990)

Mike went on air in 1987—taking over Metal Madness from the infamous Pamela Smart. Mike also served as Music Director, Program Director, and interim Station Manager. Since graduating in spring of 90, he worked for Metal Blade Records from 90-93, A&M Records from 94-96, Warner Bros. from 97-2011, and is now with Verve/ Universal records […]