Top 10 for week ending in 10/2/21


10. We Were Promised Jetpacks – Enjoy The View (Big Scary Monsters)

These guys take the reverb-soaked production and roaring guitars of post rock bands like Mogwai and This Will Destroy You and infuse it with the energy of something you might catch on your local pop station…  the kind of energy captured on this album is more like a thunderstorm: powerful, overwhelming, and at times dreary.”

– Michael C.

9. Liars – The Apple Drop (Mute)

“…the release of [Liars’] seventh album Mess was followed by the trio’s disbanding, leaving Angus Andrew alone on the project. Two lonely, bereaved albums later and Angus seems to have fully grieved the breakup. This record sounds like a maturation of the previous two releases, attaining a clarity that was absent. With this direction the final Liar seems to be in the midst of a new era.”

– Louie A.

8. HOMESHAKE – Under The Weather (Sinderlyn)

Produced with the help of his good friend, Lucas Nathan (Jerry Paper), HOMESHAKE (a.k.a. Peter Sagar) draws the listener into his psyche in a delicate manner. [Under The Weather] is a nice, low-tempo reflection on hard times and Sagar’s struggle with depression. Tracks like “Feel Better” and “Passenger Seat” show the resolve to pick yourself up when times are tough.”

– Casey C.

7. Torres – Thirstier (Merge)

“[Thirstier] exudes a strong sense of adaptation and growth from an artist who was once feeling lost and left alone in a time of losing everything she had worked towards. The album is driven and shameless, reflecting that of one who is done bending backwards for those who do not have her back. This confidence shines through her new record and hopefully creates a path for more records in the future.”

– Merrill L.

6. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Butterfly 3000 (KGATLW)

“…this record trades the band’s iconic rock-driven style for synths and MIDI sequences to create an uplifting record detailing the process of growth and metamorphosis using the symbol of — you guessed it — butterflies… this record is full of psychedelic lyrics and catchy rhythms that stay with you long after the first listen.”

– Casey C.

5. Injury Reserve – By The Time I Get To Phoenix (self-released)

“The inspiration for [By The Time I Get To Phoenix] came from an improvisational set that the group performed at a show in Stockholm in 2019, and the ideas laid down during that show became the foundation for the jittery, avant-garde nature of this new album. While the project was largely completed by mid-2020, its release was disrupted by the untimely and unfortunate passing of key member Stepa J. Groggs. Now, having taken some time to regroup, the remaining members of Injury Reserve… saw it fit to release the record as a tribute to Groggs’ life and memory. This puts the frantic and decentralized nature of the album into a new perspective: that of grieving the loss of a close friend and the complex and chaotic feelings that follow.”

– Michael C.

4. Madi Diaz – History of a Feeling (Anti-)

“On History of a Feeling… Diaz doesn’t hold much back or pull punches.This is a righteously angry breakup record — universal with its sorrow and confusion… Diaz deftly avoids oversimplification and instead leans into her experiences with bitterness, honesty, hurt and resolve…”

– Mark P.

3. Indigo De Souza – Any Shape You Take (Saddle Creek)

“…a sincere and beautiful narration of love told over the course of the many years in which De Souza wrote it… The range of De Souza’s vocals are astonishing and at times reminds one of Willow Smith and Pretty Sick simultaneously. A very nice intertwining of saccharine bedroom pop and indie guitar riffs make this a great listen all around.”

– Casey C.

2. Little Simz – Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (AGE 101)

“…Sometimes I Might Be Introvert (an acronym for Simbi) shows the rapper’s continued trials and triumphs of writing sick flows that have helped her through both traumas and successes. Simbi the introvert and Simz the performer both have a voice on this record as do her authentic and vulnerable musings about life. Finally having the means to actualize songs how she imagines them, this translates to an album that Simz says she is proud of and was inspired by higher powers to make.”

– Amelia A.

1. Turnstile – Glow On (Roadrunner)

“Turnstile is breaking the mold again with their latest release. Glow On… pushes the boundaries of what is considered hardcore. Experimental drums and heavy rock guitar are essential to this album but don’t be surprised to stumble upon some gentle and powerful breaks throughout.”

– Mia M.