At WVFS Tallahassee, we’re proud to play a variety of music from a variety of sources. From major-label bigwigs to independent, unsigned DIY acts, we receive and listen to all sorts of music from all sorts of people, with very few restrictions.

That said, there are guidelines for submitting music for potential airplay on V89. Here are a few key points we’d like to highlight for those looking to send music to us:

We accept CD, vinyl, and digital submissions.
CD or vinyl is preferred, as our music catalog is entirely physical. Accordingly, because we receive so many submissions, we offer priority in listening to those in a physical format, and therefore don’t require extra work to add to our catalog (i.e. burning CDs). To submit CDs or records for potential airplay, please mail them to the following address:

WVFS Tallahassee
c/o Music Director
420 Diffenbaugh
Tallahassee, Florida

If you are waiting to find out whether your submission has arrived, we ask that you be patient, as campus mail can sometimes be slow, especially during school breaks.

To submit music digitally, we ask that you email all submissions to music [at] wvfs [dot] fsu [dot] edu. Please send your music in the form of both streaming and download links (no attachments, please–these take up too much mailbox space, and will be deleted), for maximal ease of access on our end.

We play a variety of genres.
If you’re curious about the kinds of shows we air, check out our Program Guide. Everything from indie rock to punk, hip hop, electronic music, metal, jazz, experimental music, blues, reggae, and much more has a place here at V89. That said, one thing we generally do not play is Top 40 (or Top 40-style) music. We’ve made exceptions for things that we judge to be of high musical merit or universally liked by our DJ staff; however, such exceptions are rare, and our general aim is to provide exposure and airplay for quality artists who do not receive support from mainstream radio.

All digital submissions for music for our general rotation go to music [at] wvfs [dot] fsu [dot] edu. For submissions geared specifically toward our Undaground Railroad (hip hop) program, please send them to talktometallahassee [at] gmail [dot] com . Physical submissions all go to the station address mentioned above, but may be directed c/o any particular program.

We are an album-oriented station.
This means that our rotation and catalog consists almost entirely of albums and EPs. Because our programming focuses on exposing new music and playing multiple tracks from an artist/release (versus playing any one song over and over), multiple song releases stand a much greater chance of entering (and remaining in) rotation. One exception to this rule is vinyl 7″ singles, which we catalog for our Vinyl Frontier program (which highlights our station’s vinyl collection of both LPs and 7″ records). This does not mean we won’t listen to your single, but you stand a greater chance of making it on air if you submit a quality full-length or extended play release.

Q: How do I know if my submission is or isn’t being played?
A: You are welcome to call us or check out our charts! Questions about whether music is being played or not (as well as why) can be directed over the phone to 850-644-1879 (this is preferable for physical submissions), or by email to music [at] wvfs [dot] fsu [dot] edu (this is preferable for digital submissions, although we should reiterate that physical submissions receive priority over digital, so we ask for extra patience when requesting feedback on digital submissions). We publish weekly charts of what’s being played at V89 on our website.

Q: Does WVFS Tallahassee submit charts to NACC?
A: Yes, we do. We submit Top 200, Top Adds, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Adds, Heavy, Heavy Adds, Electronic, Electronic Adds, and World on a regular basis. We have also submitted other charts (such as Loud Rock) for periods of time, but these are less regular for us.

Q: Does WVFS Tallahassee accept tapes?
A: Tapes are not a preferred format for us, but we do accept them. We do not catalog tapes, but we do have the capability of digitizing such submissions. Again, though, we highly encourage sending submissions that are in a format we can catalog (CD or vinyl).

Have more questions? Email music [at] wvfs [dot] fsu [dot] edu.

We thank you for your interest!