As an Affiliated Project of the Florida State University Student Government Association and the College of Communication and Information, WVFS offers the opportunity for students working at the station to earn FSU credit hours through RTV 3926 – Radio Workshop, and RTV 3941r – Radio Practicum.  Both courses are Instructor Permission Only and, per the guidelines set forth in the FSU General Bulletin (and much like an internship), each credit hour requires 45 hours of work.  RTV 3926 may be taken for one, two, or three hours of pass/fail credit (for a total of three hours), and serves as the prerequisite to RTV 3941.  RTV 3941r is reserved for those already working at the station or who have completed the prerequisite, and may be taken for three hours of letter graded credit (for a total of six credit hours).  At the approval of the Faculty Advisor, students may also be able to complete Directed Individual Study or Internship credit (as approved by the student’s Academic Advisor and Station Faculty Advisor).

If you do not currently work with the station and would like to be considered for class credit, please plan on attending a V89 Cattle Call (at which the Faculty Director will highlight options and approve enrollment).  Before registration is approved, students must sign up and or be hired into a station department that can guarantee work hours.

If you currently work at the station, please contact the Faculty Advisor directly to make arrangements for class credit.