Interview: Guru & Solar [Unedited]

Fresh from our archives, here we have a rather interesting interview conducted by V89’s Undaground Railroad program (specifically DJ Acrojam and Amond Jackson) with rapper Guru (formerly of Gang Starr), as well as producer Solar. It took place in 2008, a mere two years before Guru tragically passed away from cancer.

For those in the know about the circumstances surrounding Guru’s death, this interview is interesting because of the dynamic between Guru and Solar. Solar, some may know, would become one of the most controversial figures in hip-hop just two years later after purportedly attempting to take financial advantage of Guru while he was on his death-bed. While this event is still seen by many as one of the cruelest betrayals in hip-hop history, and may sour the outlook on their collaboration a bit in retrospect, the interview we did with Guru and Solar presents the two musicians working together quite strongly, with both seeming invigorated by the projects they were working on. It only makes Guru’s death seem like even more of a shame, given how full of life he seemed just a couple of short years before.

We now present the interview in its full, unedited form for your perusal. For more great hip-hop music on V89, tune in to the Undaground Railroad every Saturday from 5-8 p.m. And for more interviews, in-studio performances and more, head to the Station Chatter section of our website.