WVFS houses a fully-featured digital recording studio with professional equipment and the technical expertise to make professional productions.

Services & Rates

The WVFS Studio is equipped to create professional products while maintaining a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.  You might be thinking, “So what’s the process?  What is available if I want to record or produce a track or an album in the WVFS Studio?”

You can contact studio@wvfs.fsu.edu. We’ll discuss your ideas and goals for the production—consultation free of charge.  This helps us understand what you want to do in the studio, how much time it will take, and what services we are capable of providing.

Our services range from full-length record production with tracking and mixing to voice over, post-production, and sequencing, as well as format transfer and limited duplication services.  We also offer flexible scheduling.  With our DVD-R drive, clients can easily track essential instruments, and then take the data home to finish the project on their home system at a more leisurely pace.  Take a look at our equipment page.

Studio time is charged on an hourly rate. Recording sessions require a $50 deposit, with 50% payment required before the start of the session, and the other 50% (less deposit) due upon conclusion (either in cash or by check—sorry, no credit cards accepted).  You may cancel up to 24 hours prior to a recording session, but no shows and cancellations fewer than 24 hours before a session will result in forfeiture of the deposit fee.

We request that artists/bands show up for all sessions at least 15-30 minutes before the scheduled session to allow time for parking and equipment load-in (from outside of Diffenbaugh to inside station).

For prices and questions, please send an email to studio@wvfs.fsu.edu with subject line “Recording Studio”


“Derek has amazing energy and is a pleasure to work with. He has always been very professional and The New 76ers can’t wait for our next trip back to WVFS!”

Danny Goddard of New 76ers

“I have all good things to say about both my sessions recording at the WVFS studio. First of all, Patrick Klem really knows his stuff. Having that kind of confidence in your engineer really takes a huge load off of the band during the stressful recording process. Also, he was good about providing some production and recording ideas (technical and musical), as well as being open to new suggestions from the bands. Both of those are also a big plus in my book. Overall, recording with both bands (Kill Spiders and After School Rehearsal), proved to be a very positive and worthwhile experience.”

Brandon Kalber of Kill Spiders, After School Rehearsal, currently touring with Travis Morrison (ex-Dismemberment Plan)

“Working with Patrick at the WFVS studio was great. Patrick is very professional, reliable, and easygoing. The studio has a lot of good gear. If you take into account the rates, quality of sound and environment, it is definitely one of the best places to record in Tallahassee… hands down!”

Eduardo Sotomayor of Subterranea

“Patrick Klem can make even the most amateur punk band’s demo sound like Led Zeppelin’s ‘Houses of the Holy.’ Seriously. He’s like Phil Spector without the murder charge.”

Matt & Nick of Dutch Courage